The Pedagogy

The Montessori Concept

"There is a gradual conquest: the conquest of independence. This does not mean doing whatever pleases at the moment, or playing around and accompanying the imagination with a game of objects, but getting to the point of feeling capable of acting on one's own, of performing a useful, important action without the help of others, and being able to solve one's own problems by oneself, to reach a difficult goal with one's own strength."

Maria Montessori, Through the Child to a New World, Herder 2013, p. 54

The Montessori House functions according to the educational principles of Dr. Maria Montessori. These principles include, especially, supporting children in their quest for independence and autonomy. In addition, our pedagogy is characterized by respectful, honest and peaceful interaction. The teachers accompany the children respectfully with focus on the current developmental period.

The Sensitive Periods

"At its peak, the sensitive period is like a spotlight that shines inside the soul, illuminating certain areas of the environment, but leaving the rest in relative darkness. This beam of concentrated attention leaves order and distinction where chaos and confusion had previously reigned."

Mortimer E. Standing, Maria Montessori Leben und Werk, Münster 2009, S. 80

The progress of development takes place in periods, which follow an inner blueprint of each child.  During these sensitive periods, the child is particularly ready to acquire certain skills. Montessori teachers are using these phases to offer the children appropriate activities.

The Polarization of Concentration

The child shows the highest concentration during an activity. It repeats this activity again and again with regularity and with deep interest. Through this concentrated work, the child himself begins to build his personality.

The Freedom of choice

The materials developed by Maria Montessori are available to the children at any time, provided on shelves at suitable height. The child is strongly guided in this choice by his or her inner motives and is accompanied by our teachers.